I bought a 6 button controller to use with my RetroPi setup, and it is recognised and configured easily. At least it seems so.

Unfortunately, once I start up a game (say Sonic) no button does anything. I try hitting every button, but no response at all. The only thing that does anything is using my keyboard to enter the meny or quit the game.

Once I am back in the meny of Emulation Station the controller works again. Up/down/Left/Right/A/Start/Select: it all works. But not in the game.

Clues on how to start debugging wtf is going on?


It turned out that my keyboard was picked up as player 1. Thus all the player 2 activity did nothing in the 1 player Sonic Game. Unplugging the keyboard and restarting did the trick.

Now, how to figure out how I can keep the keyboard connected in addition to the gamepad ...

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