Htop gives me the following output :

enter image description here

The values didn't change for the last minutes.

So I wonder, what is the difference between "task", "thread" and "running" ?

I had a look to this page : http://www.deonsworld.co.za/2012/12/20/understanding-and-using-htop-monitor-system-resources/ but it skips this specific part :(

From what I know of my server usage, I would say :

  • We have 10 process, which divide in 59 tasks, and 160 threads...

I don't really get the differences between each of these :-/

Any explanations ?

It is also strange because there are tens of processes :

enter image description here


You almost have it right. :)

There may be dozens of processes (or tasks) listed, but only 10 'threads' are actually 'running' on the CPU. The rest of the processes and threads are 'sleeping' until the OS schedules them for CPU usage.

So, there are 59 tasks, some of which are broken up into 160 threads, but only 10 threads are running on the CPU.

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  • can we say task = process ? – Romain Jouin Dec 27 '16 at 23:06
  • if I do [ ps -axjf | wc -l ] I got the number 253 – Romain Jouin Dec 27 '16 at 23:09

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