Say I run the following script that includes growlnotify.

#! /bin/bash

# do something ...

echo 'I want growlnotify to say this' | \
growlnotify -a '[Some Application]' 'Growl Headline'; \


If the script is run from Terminal or chmod +x'd and double-clicked, then growlnotify works. If it is run from Quicksilver instead, then the script works, but it doesn't say anything to Growl.

How can it be made to work?


I suspect growlnotify is not in the PATH when run from quicksilver.

In a Terminal, run which growlnotify. It will tell you where the executable is located. (For me, it returns "/usr/local/bin/growlnotify"). Then, use the full path in your script, and it will always work, regardless of what is in the PATH environment variable.


I've had to do the following to get reliable growl notifications

growlnotify -H localhost -m "message"

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