On my bash script, I try to extend my bashrc, with the following lines :

        to_print="alias $nom_machine='ssh $nom_machine'"
        echo -e "$to_print" >> "$target_file"

When executed, I got an error :

 ~/.bashrc: No such file or directory

But the file exists, it is 236 lines :

$ cat ~/.bashrc | wc -l

What is wrong on my script ?

I am on linux ubuntu 14.05

  • Invoke foo="~/.bashrc"; set -x. Then cat ~/.bashrc > /dev/null and cat "$foo" > /dev/null – and you will see the difference. To revert: set +x; unset foo. – Kamil Maciorowski Dec 29 '16 at 20:00

According to this source (https://askubuntu.com/questions/510216/trouble-using-cd-command-with-or-home-in-bash-scripting), you should use:

eval echo -e "$to_print" >> "$target_file"

The reason is given as

The problem is the tilde expansion happens before variable expansion


The ~ (tilde) doesn't always behave as you would expect it to when used in a script or within quotes (I wouldn't guarantee that cat "~/.bashrc" behaves the same), I would recommend preferring ${HOME} (with or without braces) instead.

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