I'm recording audio files in a PowerPoint presentation (Slide Show / Record Slide Show). Some of the longer narrations truncate. Does anyone know if there is a time limit per slide and, if so, if it can be increased?


There's no MS-documented time limit, but in practice, users do find that some versions of PPT do truncate audio. As it happens, I've been looking into this a bit and have been collecting reports from users who run into the problem. So far 40 seconds seems to be the magic number. Narration shorter than that doesn't seem to get cut off. It appears to be more a bug in how PPT "reads" the length of the audio file than an actual limit, so there's no fix until MS comes up with one. I suspect you could work around the problem by keeping your narrations down to say 35 or 30 seconds per slide; for slides that require longer narration, add a second duplicate slide to add the remainder of the narration to and then set the transition to the duplicate slide to automatic.

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