I am selectively syncing my dropbox folder now to accomodate a limited capacity on my SSD. Is it possible instead to mount my dropbox as a network drive and NOT sync anything whatsoever, yet still allowing me easy access to ALL the files in the dropbox-cloud?

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Fuse Filesystem 4 Dropbox might be just the thing that you are looking for. Note though that I have never used this product and do not know of the reliability of it.


This is an upcoming feature (currently vaporware) from Dropbox. The feature has publicly been dubbed "Project Infinite". I am not sure how it will work in Macintosh or Linux. For Windows, remote files will have a cloud icon overlay on the file and not take up any space on the local drive.

Below is a screenshot of Project Infinite context menu option. I presume anything not already synced locally can be made local on a specific file basis.

enter image description here

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