Say I don't want tab indents at all, from any kind, in Notepad++. I want Notepad++ to:

  1. Not letting me insert tab indents until I bring these back.
  2. Automatically transform all tab indents whatsoever to spaced, until I disable that functionality.

I don't want tab indents at all

  1. Go to menu -> "Preferences"

  2. Click "Language" on the left side

  3. In the "Tab Setting" area on the right hand side

    • Set "Tab size" as appropriate

    • Enable "Replace by space"

      enter image description here

  4. Click "Close"

  • Yes found that this morning and forgot to answer... Oh man, you preceded me. Gladly accepting and give a thumb up! I hope users will enjoy this! – JohnDoea Jan 2 '17 at 12:34

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