I'm working with several monitors in Windows 10.

When I have one software window in particular monitor, its task bar icon appears on all monitors. I would like to see MS Word icon only on monitor that has its window.

How to solve this problem?

  • I don't think it is possible with the multi-monitor setup but the multiple desktop setup does have this option. When starting your program in another desktop (CTRL+WIN+right and start program) the icon isn't visible when you switch back (CTRL+WIN+left). There are some settings under All settings > System > Multitasking > Virtual desktops. – Rik Jan 2 '17 at 12:42
  • have you set the setting from my answer? Does it work the way you want it? – magicandre1981 Jan 4 '17 at 16:46

In the settings app under the taskbar options, set the option Show Taskbar button under Personalization->Taskbar to "taskbar where window is open"

enter image description here


On Windows 7 I have personally tried two options:


DisplayFusion is a paid program, but it's a must for Windows 7 + Multiple monitors. https://www.displayfusion.com/

Dual Monitor Taskbar

Dual Monitor Taskbar is a freeware program that works very well for that job, too. https://sourceforge.net/projects/dualmonitortb/


I used Realtime Soft UltraMon when I had Windows 7.

I hope it will work with Windows 10.


I doubt Windows provides such option, but you can use 3rd party tool, "Fences" for sorting out your icons.

You can check and download a 30-day trial from here.


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