Recently my Outlook 2016 client failed on me and a number of my saved outlook data files became corrupt. I was able to add the active online accounts back into outlook with no problem, but, all the offline accounts I could not which are mainly backups files.

I managed to track all of my backup files which have been saved in .ost format, couldn't find any .pst. I have managed to open the .ost files using "SysTools OST Viewer v.4.2" which has allowed me to just VIEW all my emails, can't seem to do anything else with it.

What will be the best way to add these .ost files back into outlook?


You will need to create a new .OST file, then reattach the "old" .OST file. Read the below post on how to do this safely.


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  • Hi @Dave Rossi, thanks for the response. However, I came across this solution in my research and unfortunately it only applies to Outlook 2010. My Outlook client is 2016. – Philayyy Jan 5 '17 at 0:36

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