I run resilio sync (formerly known as bitorrent sync) to sync large files between systems. While pruning unwanted files I found a immense log file which I can't delete cause apparently explorer is using it. How do I delete this file easily?

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Its a known issue, but since I'd rather not manually mess with the registry, I used a few well known tools to delete this file. The issue should be fixed with newer builds

I did two things - firstly I used shellextview to disable any explorer shell extensions related to bitorrent sync. Resilio Sync (the newer build) has its own, so no clue why these where still there. I'm not sure if its essential, and if it actually helped, since I couldn't delete the file after that

Then I used sysinternals process explorer to identify any process with handles on the file - using ctrl F to search for it,

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For some reason firefox, whatpulse and explorer had handles so I closed firefox and whatpulse, and removed the handles for explorer through process explorer - just rightclick and close any that are there

enter image description here

This let me delete the file the usual way.

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    I hate paying for products that have a feel of still being in a beta state. This issue among others make me have a love hate relationship with Resilio Sync. – Damon Jan 7 '17 at 5:56

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