My Windows 10 Dell Latitude E6500 laptop PC fails to wake up via a wake on LAN magic packet after it had been shutdown via the shutdown option from the Windows10 Start menu. However if I shut it down via a BAT script 'SHUTDOWN -s' command, then when I do a WOL magic packet it will wake up just fine.

Why would a shutdown via the Win10 Start menu cause a future WOL wake up attempt to fail?

What is the difference between that and a 'SHUTDOWN -s' command? and would that difference be the reason for WOL not working?

I keep Windows 10 up to date so it has the latest patches as of this posting.

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    Does disabling Fast Startup make a difference? – Patrick Seymour Jan 7 '17 at 23:58
  • Fast Startup is enabled but unsure is a factor since WOL works after the laptop was shutdown via shutdown -s. According to this post about WOL oddities a Windows Start menu shutdown is different than a shutdown -s command in that the former is immediate and may result in your machine getting in a wonky state impacting its ability to handle future WOL reqs. The shutdown -s command I use in a BAT has a 60s delay so I think my old laptop has time to cleanly shutdown and so is ready for future WOL reqs. – John Jan 10 '17 at 21:08

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