My domain was recently hacked and used for spamming and blacklisted by google gmail. I have done the cleanup and updates now requesting a delisting from google.

My system is CentOS, and I know it uses exim mail server. If I need to get the log for a recent transaction to abc@gmail.com where do I look for the SMTP log and POP log? (my email client users IMAP instead of POP).

For the most recent affected transaction, include your server's SMTP logs for general delivery problems and POP logs for Mail Fetcher problems


Try for i in grep -i "abc@gmail.com" /var/log/maillog | awk '{print $5}'; do grep -i $i /var/log/maillog; done

Found this in https://serverfault.com/questions/364685/what-command-can-i-use-to-search-sendmail-logs-for-all-message-details-involving#364712

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