First, this question is not duplicate of How to change the Windows XP console font?, and How to change the cmd.exe font?

I want to change console font from

enter image description here

to powerline font: (can show vim-theme, bash-theme)



The turorial is here, but edit regedit not work.

Then I see

What Fonts Can I Enable?

The command prompt will only accept fonts that are fixed-width, so don’t even bother trying to enable Comic Sans =) I started looking around on various font websites and found a few fonts that worked, like this White Rabbit font that has a fun look:

So, how could I distinguish a font is fixed-width and windows console compatible? Is there any easy way to set console font(powerline group)?

PS: I know other shell such as ConEmu, git-bash(mintty) and others do support this.Because I like using ConEmu in mintty mode(though working in cmd mode), which contain font problem and have to fix by this way.(Auther says that is not his problem, so I have to work it out by myself)

  • Did you ever solve this?… I have the exact same problem. ☹ – Sardathrion Oct 3 '17 at 10:04

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