recently I bridged my wifi with my ethernet connection, so I could access internet on my XP computer, however when the XP computer died (An XP computer died? This is unheard of!), I went to remove the ethernet from the bridge, and it said "An unexpected error occurred when configuring network bridge.". It says that whenever I attempt to remove the wifi or the wired connection from the bridge. I also constantly see the wired connection Icon instead of the wifi icon on the taskbar. This is annoying because I am unable to see my wireless network's strength. I have not changed any network registry settings, and I really wish to refrain from resetting my Computer. It is shared and it has many paid programs on it that we no longer have the keys for. Thank you for your time! -Lucas.

P.S. I am also experiencing a few IP address conflict errors with my computer, don't know if this is related. Thanks again!


I can't comment (not enough rep) so here's an answer. Have you tried deleting the network bridge itself? Right click its icon in the Network Adapters folder and click delete/remove.

IP address conflict can indicate an intruder on your wireless network sharing your MAC address. Check to see whether it goes away when you remove the bridge, otherwise post again :)

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