I'm using tmux under WSL Ubuntu bash shell in Windows 10 with mintty terminal (https://github.com/mintty/wsltty).

In tmux: Ctrl+B, then Ctrl + Space I can make a selection (shown on screenshot). But I don't get how to copy it in a clipboard. Any Ideas?

enter image description here

Btw if I use tmux in native WIndows Ubuntu bash terminal I can not get to make tmux even to start selection.


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I believe that right sequence to copy to tmux buffer is: CTRL+b+[ and only after that
CTRL+Space by followed manipulation with arrow buttons to make selection.

When you finished selection, press ALT+w to copy to tmux's buffer.
To paste - issue CTRL+b+]

If you have multiple copies, you can choose which buffer do you want to paste by issue:
CTRL+b+= then choose buffer you need and press Enter

  • Thanks very much your combinations are correct. The problem with minty ubuntu bash tty, is that it doeesn't copy to windows clipboard, so copied text could be used outside of the console. Don't you have any ideas for this issue?
    Jan 12, 2017 at 16:01
  • tmux using its own independent copy-buffer that isn't shared with anybody and there is a good reason behind it. The simplest way to share content from ubuntu console it to paste buffer to some text file and open it in windows. Personally I dont like this pair of spy(windows & ubuntu) and install when need it a cygwin environment. When you are in cygwin shell, all you need to copy 2 buffer is to press shift and select with mouse content you want to copy to windows buffer.
    – Alex
    Jan 12, 2017 at 17:27

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