Which DNS configuration is better for a MX record type?

1.- Having a single MX reord type mx.domain.com resolving to a two A record type:

MX  10  mail.domain.com.    ->  A
                            ->  A


2.- Having two MX record type mx1.domain.com. and mx2.domain.com. resolving to A record type.

MX  10  mx1.domain.com.    ->  A
MX  20  mx2.domain.com.    ->  A

What would be the real reason for choosing either option 1 or option 2, currently I have option 1 deployed but I think it is better answer option 2 but I do not know the reason why.

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I assume #1 means that the DNS is a round robin between the two hosts. Given that I'm not sure there is a difference. But, DNS provided MX weighting (#2) for a reason and I'd be more likely to use #2 over #2. However, unless you have a reason to prefer one hos over the other, I would recommend a third option

MX  10  mx1.domain.com.    ->  A
MX  10  mx2.domain.com.    ->  A

This would route mail through both hosts. In my experience a failover host is of little value unless it is being used regularly. Otherwise, the configs drift apart and when the backup host is actually needed, it doesn't work.

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