I have several USB thumbdrives of various brands. We use Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) and Bitlocker to encrypt the thumb drives.

I will take a brand new thumb drive, plug it into my machine. It mounts as the D drive, and I am able to copy files to it. I then enable bitlocker on the drive and encrypt the entire drive. Once the encryption is complete, I am still able to read the drive and put files on it. I properly eject the drive, plug it back in, it prompts for a password, as expected, I put in the correct password and the drive unlocks.

The drive icon in Windows explorer changes from the locked icon to the unlocked icon. I then go to open the drive, and it says “Please insert disk into USB Drive”.

I then go into disk management and change the drive letter from D to F, and it works. I am able to get into the drive with no problems. I then properly eject the drive, plug it back in, put in the password, it unlocks, I go to open the drive and it says “Please insert disk into USB Drive” I change the drive letter back from F to D, and then Im able to open the drive.

Ive tried this with five different thumb drives, and five different PCs. This seems to only be happening on Windows 8.1 and 10. My Windows 7 machine works fine.

Has anyone seen this before? Could there have been a recent update that caused this to happen?

I know the drive is not bad and the data is intact. I dont need a drive recovery program. It seems like when bitlocker unlocks the drive, it just doesnt associate it with the drive letter.

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