I'm trying to have the user@hostname displayed all the time in fish's bobthefish theme, no matter whether you're the default user or not. I've tried editing ~/.config/fish/functions/fish_prompt.fish, which has the following section:

function __bobthefish_prompt_user -S -d 'Display actual user if different from $default_user'
  if [ "$theme_display_user" = 'yes' ]
    if [ "$USER" != "$default_user" -o -n "$SSH_CLIENT" ]
      __bobthefish_start_segment $__color_username
      set -l IFS .
      hostname | read -l hostname __
      echo -ns (whoami) '@' $hostname ' '

I've tried removing lines 3 and 8 then restarting the terminal to no avail. It seems that simple on first sight, but then again, I don't really understand -o -n "$SSH_CLIENT" either.

Thanks in advance!


-o -n "$SSH_CLIENT" means: or (-o) the variable $SSH_CLIENT contains a string (-n "$SSH_CLIENT")

$SSH_CLIENT is set if you are logged in via SSH. So the user@hostname will always be displayed if you are logged in remotely.

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