I have set up my Outlook 2016 with my Outlook email account using the "Auto Account Setup". Outlook added this as a Microsoft Exchange account. I also setup a few of my other IMAP accounts.

It appears that with the setup above, when I reply to or forward an email from one of my IMAP accounts, the "From" email has been populated with my Outlook (Exchange) account. I can however manually change this. If I don't change this and send the email, the recipient sees "Email from IMAP account on behalf of Outlook account"

I do not want this behaviour. How can I change this so the email in the "From" field is auto selected with the email address of the email account being used, for example, my IMAP account? Is this by design or a bug?

When creating new emails, this does not happen.

I have found a workaround which did not work for me:



Found a workaround which will have to do until Microsoft fix this bug.

You have to change the default data file to be a .PST one, maybe your "Local Folders". After which the replies and forwarded messages will select the correct "From" email address.

Problem with this is that now I have "Local Folders" in my folder (navigation) pane, which I have no use for.

Note that the Calendar and/or the To-Do Bar may not work as expected after doing this. I'm not bothered about that as I don't use the Outlook calendar.

More info:


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