Well, as described in the subject, I'd like to have more recent folders in the "move to folder" menu. Can it be achieved? Thanks.


Can I increase the number of recent "move to folder" in the folders list?

No it is not possible.

There are some alternatives:

The "Move to folder" MRU list is limited to 10 lists, and it can't be expanded. We can either use Quick Steps or macros to move emails to predefined folders.

To use Quick Steps:


To use macros:


Source Making "Move to Folder" List Longer in Outlook 2013

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The answer is: Use a different software

The background is: Its May 2020 and it is still not addressed by Microsoft. This unbelievable annoying "feature" is still limited to 10 entries and it blocks the way of working big time. It shows exactly that Microsoft does not care in any way for the paying customer.

Thousands of complaints, years of posting in all microsoft-forums, webpages, social media and absolutely no reaction whatsoever.

We are going to avoid microsofts office in the future - 7000 desktop-pcs. It is just too expensive to work with MS-Office because of the time you loose when using crappy software.

(We have 76 open complaints/feature-requests/bug-reports and not one is addressed)

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