Current Formula - Working

=IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d") > 7,ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0)&IF(ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0) > 1," Weeks and "," Week and ")&DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")-(ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0)*7)&IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")-(ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0)*7) > 1," days"," day"),IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d") = 1,"Tomorrow",DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")&IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d") > 1," days"," day")))

New Formula - Broken

=IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d") > 7,IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7 = 2,"Today",ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0)&IF(ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0) > 1," Weeks and "," Week and ")&DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")-(ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0)*7)&IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")-(ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0)*7) > 1,"days","day"),),IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d") = 1,"Tomorrow",DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")&IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d") > 1," days"," day")))

What I'm Trying To Add

I've got "Tomorrow" working, however now I wish to implement a "Today". To work out if it is "Today", I add the length between the payments as it jumps to the next date if it is today, or in my above version, I go for the weeks between method.

I've broken up my function several times, however I cannot see the problem. Is there a limit to the length of a formula maybe?

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    Change "days","day"),), to "days","day")), ;). – shA.t Jan 18 '17 at 11:17
  • @shA.t please add your comment as an answer – Kevin Anthony Oppegaard Rose Jan 19 '17 at 8:16
  • @KevinAnthonyOppegaardRose Ok, and Done! – shA.t Jan 19 '17 at 19:05

Problem is in this part of your formula:

IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")-(ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0)*7) > 1 ,"days","day"),)
'  ^1st                                                                    ^2nd   ^3rd   ^4th

That an IF has 4 arguments, an IF statement has just 3 arguments, So just use it like this:

IF(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")-(ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIF(TODAY(),U6,"d")/7,0)*7) > 1 ,"days","day"))

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