I have BT-Hub3, UTF-45 cable and Laptop that runs on Windows 10. My goal is to share wifi connection from laptop to all other devices (another laptop, ipads and mobile phones) by Connecting BT-Hub3 with Lan cable and feeding the wifi connection from laptop to share to all devices.

Current set up is following: Laptop is connected to local wifi hotspot (that I have no control over) and laptop physically connected via Lan to BTHub-3 into 'BT-infinity' port (that sits next to ADSL), I have shared this connection. enter image description here

I expected for this to just work, however the moment I enabled share, I had lost Wifi connection on laptop and when troubleshooting, the error was dhcp not enabled for wifi, which then got fixed by Windows 10 troubleshooter and wifi internet started working again on laptop.

Can I set up BTHub-3 to share internet connection that is provided via LAN connected to Laptop that has Wifi internet ?

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