I'd like to play Flash video or "FLV" files in Windows Media Player. I've done this before using codec packs like K-Lite and CCCP, but I've found they cause too many problems and I'd really like to avoid these.

I've also seen PlayFLV, but this pre-dates Flash support for H.264 and that's kinda required these days.

So are there other codec options available? Ideally there would also be thumbnail support with the codec.

NB: Using another video player is not an option to me -- I like WMP, I just want to know the best codec for the job.


You should try ffdshow - Media player may still give you an error, but it should play the file with no problem. Also, are you positive media player is completely updated?


if you must use WMP, then you'll likely have to install the codecs for it. I strongly suggest using VLC player, it just updated to 1.0 and has always worked for me with .flvs

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    I know I'll need to install a codec, but which one is best is the idea of the question. Also, I really don't like VLC -- I've had way to many stability issues with it over the years, the UI is ugly, and the default video scaling technique doesn't even do smoothing. – スーパーファミコン Jul 24 '09 at 1:52
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    If VLC isn't your cup of tea, try MPC - Media Player Classic. It has all the functionality of VLC in the old WMP skin. – Andrew Scagnelli Jul 24 '09 at 2:15
  • I've used that too -- the interface is also ugly as sin, and just like VLC it doesn't support my media keys. I like WMP, switching to another player is not an option. – スーパーファミコン Jul 24 '09 at 2:19

I think the bare minimum would be ffdshow, plus the appropriate splitter:

However, I should warn that installing those three is pretty much the same thing as installing CCCP, the only other things it includes are VSFilter and a couple minor codecs (WavPack/MPEG2).

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