I've seen some great articles on how to use ffmpeg to copy metadata from one file to another without re-encoding. But I have more than 100 files and would like to do this in a batch operation. Any suggestions?

Extra info: I have 2 folders, one contains the video files with correct metadata, the other contains the video files with incorrect metadata. The files have the same corresponding file names.


I'm going to give you a scripting answer, there may well be a more general tool for this.

For future readers, this script describes how to copy metadata: Using ffmpeg to copy metadata from one file to another.

The following script will loop through the the files in one directory, find corresponding files in a second directory and then combine these two files into a third output directory

for file in $(ls $dir1); do
  ffmpeg -i "$dir1/$file" -i "$dir2/$file" -map 1 -c copy \
   # copies all global metadata from in0.mkv to out.mkv  
   -map_metadata 0 \
   # copies video stream metadata from in0.mkv to out.mkv
   -map_metadata:s:v 0:s:v \
   # copies audio stream metadata from in0.mkv to out.mkv
   -map_metadata:s:a 0:s:a \

The metadata mapping command is adapted from the quoted answer.

If you want to make something reuseable you could put this in a script with the following header (remove the assignment for dir1, dir2 and output in the script above). And then call it as script.sh dir1 dir2 outdir

set -x errexit # exit immediately on error

Warning: I have no run any of these scripts.

  • Great! thanks for your helpful answer, exactly what I was looking for. – Adrian L Jan 21 '17 at 11:55

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