I'm thinking about setting up a CI/CD infrastructure for my team. Since the components we're developing are on-premise and should run a different OSs, I'm thinking on spinning up Windows & Linux containers. Clearly I could use Kubernetes and spin up some dockers, but then I'm limited to Linux and Windows 2016. Since I need to test even older versions of Windows such as Win 7, 8, & 10, I thought on spinning up VMs. I've read that Kubernetes + RancherVM or Nomad can be used to spin up VMs but haven't tried it out. Does anyone have experience it or had to develop something similar? I want to hear some info before spending days of research in the wrong direction.

  • You might find there are more people with experience of such things over at Stack Overflow, if they allow questions without code, sorry I can't help more myself, I am only familiar with VS and Azure for CI/CD. – Sam3000 Jan 21 '17 at 1:06

I would suggest Vagrant. Since VM deploy a provision can be automated. Virtual machines in VirtualBox and Hyper-V can be used.


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