I have a video streamer (VLC) which is using RTP to stream video to a client. I have captured the packet trace from both the sender and the receiver side using tcpdump separately.

The streaming produces UDP packets. It is possible that some packets are missing/out of order on the receiver side. Assume that the clocks on both the machines are synchronized.

My task is to find the delay between the packets

Q : Is there any tool which can compare both the dump files and generate UDP statistics, specifically delay?

  • Any help? Anyone? – xavier666 Jan 23 '17 at 11:53

Wireshark offers support for RTP Analysis.

See also these RTP-related Wireshark wiki pages: RTP, RTP Statistics.


I had to do it manually. I wrote a python script which

  • extracts the packet from each pcap file (sender and receiver)
  • compares their payload
  • if it's a match and timestamps are causally correct, then delay is calculated
  • If a match is not found over a certain window size (I kept it as 100), the packet is assumed to be lost and we move to the next packet

I did this over the entire pcap file and made an average over all the delays. If somebody wants it, I can share the code.

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