I got a vodafone dsl easybox 602 router and modem from a friend of mine. At my home I have broadband connection. I want to use this broadband connection with the vodafone router and use it as wifi router. Is it possible?


I don't own a vodafone easybox 602, but from This page I see that its engineering is identical to all the wifi routers I worked on.

You must do this way:

  • identify the subnet of your house, where you share the internet from the dsl router, say it's 192.168.0.*
  • enter the router, as explained in this page, and set the router LAN to 192.168.0.*
  • configure wifi network on 602 according to your needs; you may use for the wifi network the same subnet as lan, 192.168.0.*; I think the router can be configured as bridge, separating ip ranges on wifi from those in lan; or you can use for wifi another subnet
  • connect one of the 4 lan port to dls router

You should be done!

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