I have opened a clip of a twitch broadcast using firefox. I thought about saving the video but when I proceeded to do so, I discovered that the clip has since been removed and all I get is an "access denied". I still have the original tab open and the video plays fine (in the tab).

What I want to do is save the clip on my disk. I tried looking at other questions about how to save cached videos but there doesn't seem to be a file in any cache folders mentioned in those questions. The only thing I can see in about:cache is this entry, which presumably is the cache entry for the video:

predictor-origin:https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/ | 0 bytes | 44 | 2017-01-24 04:50:33 | No expiration time

Previewing the video via View Page Info > Media and playing the Media Preview works fine.

Is there any way that I can save this video?


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