I'm working with a windows server 2012 remotely. Other people using it too.

Mouse pointer,Desktop icons and some text became big and this makes work hard. This is not resolution problem.

enter image description here

How I can fix this problem?

UPDATE: Scaling in Display Setting is disable for remote sessions: enter image description here


If you press the Ctrl key while you scroll with the mouse, that changes the zoom of the actual Window.

That works on the desktop too. So, while in you desktop press Ctrl and scroll and you can adjust the zoom of the icons of your desktop.

  • Thanks for answer. But this trick only works for icons not texts or mouse pointer. Texts in some of apps became big too – Ali Gonabadi Jan 26 '17 at 6:24

I Signed out and Signed In Again and problem fixed.


I had the same problem. I connected a mouse to the remote PC. It solved the problem and worked for me.

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