After the last Firefox updates, I'm receiving a message about the security of non-https websites direct in the input fields. The below image shows the message in Portuguese, but it's something like: "This connection is not secure. The accounts used here may be compromised."

input in Firefox with message in Portuguese

The message appears even on the sites where I have saved login/passwords ("JAMESM" in my example).

This message is a good improvement for Firefox in my opinion, but I trust in some sites and in these cases the message can be annoying. So I want to know if I have any option to avoid this message in a exceptions' list or something.

Is it possible?


This is a new enhanced security feature in Firefox 51.0 and based upon the article linked within their change log, there doesn't appear to be any type of opt-out or exception list:

Firefox Warning

(Source: Insecure Password Warning in Firefox)

  • I hope they create a list of exceptions in the future. Thanks for your answer anyway, I tried the firefox support site but didn't found this page. – James Jan 26 '17 at 10:37

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