tl;dr -- How do you mount a secondary hard disk with multiple volumes that was encrypted with "full disk encryption" by TrueCrypt?

My secondary 1TB hard disk has 4 volumes on it, an old Windows 7 standard desktop installation. When it was new I encrypted it entirely (all 1TB in one "fully encrypt system drive" operation using TrueCrypt 7.1). So when I used to have it as my main bootable system disk I would get the TrueCrypt password prompt immediately at bootup and that would enable the system to access the Windows installation.

Now I'm booting off an SSD drive with a fresh Windows 7 installation on it.

I have hit a problem I didn't foresee when I upgraded to the new SSD. It would seem that I cannot persuade VeraCrypt or Truecrypt to mount the old drive.

The new system can see the 4 volumes on the encrypted disk, but I cannot work out how to mount any of them.

While the old drive is theoretically bootable, I do not want to mount that disk in anything other than read-only mode if possible.

Further info:

  • There are no hidden volumes on the encrypted disk.
  • The encrypted disk is in good health and has no corruption, it was booted successfully recently and shutdown cleanly.

Solved. It is possible to use linux tools tcplay and kpartx to decrypt and mount all partitions on a "Full Disk Encryption" affected hard disk.

This can be done by booting from an Ubuntu USB stick.

Quite a painless process actually, the man pages for both tools are enough information to get this done.

As usual it's Linux to the rescue :)

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