Having following routing table on Windows 7:

Network Destination       Netmask           Gateway         Interface    Metric                On-link    306          On-link    306

What does the second entry (starting by mean? Is it necessary? I haven't seen it in many other examples in the net.

0 is localhost, aka your own machine. If is very common. I would almost say and ::1 are always present is you loaded IP networking.

Having a loopback network interface like this allows people to use a common design where you always use the network, even on a computer without any physical network card.

Note that any IP from the range is meant to be local.

I haven't seen it in many other examples in the net.

Possibly because it always already is there. For Linux you cannot build a kernel with networking without the loopback interface. It is hardcoded to be the first network interface. I remember somethign similar for windows were 127.1 was hardcoded in DLLs. No need to manually add this. No need to mention it in documentation.

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