I have a summary sheet with names in one column and I want to consolidate (count) the names which are appearing in different sheets on the same workbook. Names are not necessarily appear in same Columns across all worksheets. Column is changed in every sheet. I am using excel 2010 version.

Summary Sheet

In column L, I have these names (NameA, NameB, Namec, etc.)
In Column M, I have these names (NameA, NameB, Namec, etc.)
In column K, I have these names (NameA, NameB, Namec, etc.)
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You can use the following Formula:

A2 is the first name in the summary sheet (NameA in your example)
in B2 write the formula
$L:$L the names in sheet2 in column L
$M:$M the names in sheet3 in column M $K:$K the names in sheet4 in column K
even when you add more names in the corresponding columns it will be counted

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