As the question states, I can only hear the audio output through the monitor's audio output. My rear audio jacks and my front jacks do not work. I an running windows 10 1511, motherboard is a MSI B150m and GPU is GTX 1060. When I plug a speaker or a headset into the rear or front panel jack, my realtek HD Audio manager recognizes the device and I task it as the appropriate device. The jacks have not worked since I first build it a couple days ago. Any fixes??

EDIT: Monitor is LG 22MP58VQ and when is mention rear jacks, i mean the motherboard jacks(the green,black,etc) and the front jack means the one in the front of the case.

  • We need more information. What brand and type is your monitor, and where exactly are these audio jacks located? pc or monitor? – LPChip Jan 28 '17 at 17:16

Right-click the speaker icon in the notification area. Select “Playback devices” choose the device you want sound output from... Default device is speakers. Yours probably set to something like HDMI.

  • This will likely lead you to the solution, although I've found once I actually had to uninstall the 'HDMI digital audio output' device from device manager to force sound out of the analog jack. – Ben Jacobson Jan 29 '17 at 0:18

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