I am fairly new to these, and been trying to make some automation script with help of pulover's macro creator which based on AHK. I am trying to put some IP values on specific device webpages, i already successful in inserting the value and it get changed. but as soon i hit "apply" it didn't recognized the given changed value. and it just came back to normal value.

The filed i am trying to edit have this code:

I am trying with this script: ie.document.getElementByID("61.0@s").Value := ""
can somebody please help me with it?


AHK is using the IE web browser, and this could be one reason for the problem. And/or that the "AHK click" does not trigger some Javascript on the page correctly.

But you can automate the same task with Kantu. This web automation browser is based on Google Chromium and works well for automatically changing settings on my router's internal web pages.

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