I'm running python server.py using bottle server

I follow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19688841/add-python-to-os-x-firewall-options and add which python and which python3 to keychain

Everytime I run bottle server I get same box popping up. I also added pass in proto tcp from any to any port 8080 to /etc/pf.conf

My bottle file is like

import bottle

bottle.TEMPLATE_PATH = ["static", "views"]
app = bottle.default_app()

app.run(host="", port=8080, reloader=True, debug=True)

so now anytime I update the server, when a request is made, I get the popup

How can I stop this popup? Thank you


You may need the --deep flag... Compare the answer https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/121010/6126 which works for me:

# Re-signing an app: 
codesign -f --deep -s <certname> /path/to/app
# Verify that it worked: 
codesign -dvvvv /path/to/app

(Note that you need to accept the dialog one last time)

  • I upvoted as it was an important tip - but it still doesn't work on macOS Mojave ... – Agile Bean Dec 4 '18 at 15:31

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