Let's say you type the following in Column A Row 1:

1| Brown Fox

Now you hit Enter.

If you type just Brown into Column A Row 2, you'll get autocomplete (assuming you haven't disabled it):

1| Brown Fox
2| BrownFox

But let's say you don't want Fox in there, just Brown. How can you move down to the next row without having Fox put in the cell?
I'm looking for a keyboard solution; no mouse involved. Preferably a single key combination. Note that I do not want to disable autocomplete altogether.

I have tried using CTRL/Alt/Shift combinations with Enter but to no avail.

I'm using excel 2010, but hopefully there's a solution for all versions.


You'll notice that the autocompleted part of the text is still selected.

By simply pressing Delete that text will be deleted. Pressing Enter now will normally exit the cell.

This solution works for all versions.

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    HA! I was hoping for an Enter related hotkey but that is simple enough, funny that I couldn't come up with that myself. Derp. – Bort Jan 31 '17 at 15:23

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