This might be very simple to achieve, but I don't know how to see it through.
When I create presentations using MS powerpoint, I have to go from slide to slide (say from Slide 3 to slide 45). So far I have reached the required slide using the slide sorter.

For a similar requirement, MS Word has the option of Go to page which can be called using Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut.

Is there a similar shortcut to go to a particular slide while editing slides in MS powerpoint?


From the answer below and from the internet search I understand that in Edit mode one cannot go to a particular slide (as one would go to a page in Word).

I wrote the following macro to implement this functionality.

'Go to a particular slide when in edit mode
Sub go_to_slide()
Dim S As Integer
Dim total_slides As Integer
total_slides = ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
S = InputBox("Enter slide number", "Go To Slide")
If (S <= 0) Then
MsgBox ("Enter slide number greater than zero")
ElseIf (S > total_slides) Then
MsgBox ("Enter slide number less than the total slides")
ElseIf (S <= total_slides) Then
End If
End Sub

Is there a better/efficient way to implement this?

  • I think Benson Yeung's method below is enough.(if you haven't seen it..) – Chan Kim Aug 27 at 2:22

Is there a shortcut to go to a particular slide in the presentation?

Presentation mode:

  • Slide number+Enter, or

  • Right-click a slide, select "Go to Slide" on the shortcut menu, and then select a slide from the list by title or slide number.

Edit mode:

  • There is no function to navigate quickly to a specific slide.
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  • Thanks for your answer. I updated the question with macro – Prasanna Feb 2 '17 at 7:24

I just came across the same issue. For example to go to slide 60, my solution is to enter the presentation mode and go back to editing mode immediately afterwards: <F5> 60 <Enter> <Esc>. A few more keystrokes but fast enough and working well for me.

F5: presentation mode

60: the desired slide number

Enter: go to slide

Esc: back to edit mode, on the shown slide

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@Prasanna, thank you for your code, which didn't work for me but got me started.

This version works for me. I wish I knew how to assign a keyboard command (hotkey) to it.

Sub go_to_slide() 'Go to a particular slide when in edit mode. Adapted from https://superuser.com/q/1174096/74576
    Dim slide_num As Integer
    Dim total_slides As Integer
    total_slides = ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
    slide_num = InputBox("Enter slide number between 1 and " & total_slides, "Go To Slide")
    If ((slide_num <= 0) Or (slide_num > total_slides)) Then
    ElseIf (slide_num <= total_slides) Then
        'MsgBox ("Jumping to slide #" & slide_num)
        ActiveWindow.View.GotoSlide slide_num
    End If
End Sub
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  1. Select the text you want to use as link to a certain slide
  2. go to insert -> links-> action
  3. select hyperlink to -> select slide

this link now works when editing powerpoint and during the presentation itself

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That,s the way to go about it: To go to a particular slide in the same presentation select a word in the slide to be hyperlinked. In the left selection bar "Link to": Select "place in this document". this will show you the slide numbers on the right. Select the one you want to go to. Works perfect!

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