When I'm out in the field working, I use my phone's built in Wifi Hot Spot to gain internet access. For some reason, it won't allow me to VPN into my companies network while using my phone's Hot Spot.

Is there certain features I need to activate or deactivate to get my computer's VPN to work while connected to my cell phone's hot spot?

Using a Google Pixel XL and iPhone 6 along with Dell Laptop.

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Solved me, I had to change APN setting from IPv6 to IPv4.

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  • This is a bit of a technical exercise, but you can do it by creating a new APN and making sure it's set to IPv4. APN settings will vary between phones and providers but I found mine for EE, with a Huawei P20 Pro here Dec 1, 2021 at 8:17

It may be due to complications with the IP address assigned by your cell phone network. If possible, go to Settings, Cellular Networks, Preferred network type, and set it to 3G. Then try the VPN again.


Solved for me connecting VPN by changing 4g to 3g in mobile networks, after connecting I switched back to 4g and still my work VPN is connected and working


in the Setting of your android phone click on access point > go to General > apn protocol and apn roaming protocol set it to ipv4 this did the job for Poco M2 Pro


I have a Pixel 6 Pro and had the same problem when connecting to a VPN a laptop connected to the phone's hotspot. I tried all suggestion but nothing worked. At last I tried to modify the APN type to "default,supl" instead of "default,supl,dun" and it works like a charm!

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