I own a registered version of Total Commander. The problem is that the registered name (which is my real name) is displayed in the title bar. Normally I wouldn't mind, except I need to take care when taking screenshots. Or when streaming. Hiding the name from being displayed in the first place would be simpler.

Is there a way to hide the name?


So I made it for you ;) Download AutoIt from www.autoitscript.com. Install, Run the SciTE editor. Paste this there.

$winpref="Total Commander"
$newname="Total Commander"
while $run
 if winexists($winpref,"") Then
  if $currt<>$newname then
   traytip("updating title","",5)

run it by pressing F5 and test. If it works you can compile an EXE file from it by pressing F7

  • that traytip is not necessary for it to work of course. And it can be customized for any window and title. – Vitas Feb 5 '17 at 9:58

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