I have multiple Virtual Machines (Guests) on VirtualBox 5.1.14 installed On MacBook Air, All with the same UserAdmin and same Password for test porpouse.

On my Host (MacBook Air)
    System Preferences->Sharing->File Sharing -> 
        Computer Name:joseluisbz MacBook
        Share files and folders using SMB (Checked)
    System Preferences->Network->Ethernet->Advanced...->WINS
        NetBIOS Name:MACBOOKAIR-E26C

Like Guests I have:

    Windows 10 Enterprise
    MacOS 10.12.3 Sierra
    CentOS 7 1511

Here my Settings

On Windows I have:
    Computer Name:Vxbox-Win
    Shared Folder: Users

On MacOS I have
    System Preferences->Sharing->File Sharing -> 
        Computer Name:Vxbox-Mac
        Share files and folders using SMB (Checked)
    System Preferences->Network->Ethernet->Advanced...->WINS
        NetBIOS Name:Vxbox-Mac

On Linux I have:
                workgroup = BZ
                security = USER
                server string = Samba Server Version %v
                netbios name = Vxbox-Lnx
                log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
                max log size = 50
                idmap config * : backend = tdb
                cups options = raw

                path = /home/joseluisbz
                valid users = joseluisbz
                read only = No
                guest ok = Yes

Situation: Linux Can't Access MacOS with Samba

Windows works perfectly, I can access to and from all OSes. MacOS (Host and Guest), I get access to all Oses, but only from Windows and another MacOS, it doesn't working from Linux. Linux, I can access Only to Windows (it doesn't working to MacOS), I can get access from all OSes.

MacOS Accessing all OSes

enter image description here

Windows Accessing all OSes enter image description here

Linux Viewing all OSes. enter image description here

When I try to access... I put the password, but repeatly, ask for password like a bucle. Like Authentication problem. enter image description here

Then, I abandon to access... enter image description here

Finally, I can see only Windows and Linux Machines. enter image description here

Then I can't access from Linux to some MacOS.

Whats wrong?

How solve this?

It is a problem from MacOS or from Linux?

Thank you

  • Have you enabled NTLMv2-compatible password hashes for the Mac accounts? It's in System Preferences -> Sharing pane > File Sharing -> Options button -> Windows File Sharing account list. You need to select each account you want to be able to connect as, then enter its password so it can be re-stored in NTLMv2-compatible form. – Gordon Davisson Feb 5 '17 at 2:48
  • @GordonDavisson Thank you... Yes I have enabled – Chepe Questn Feb 22 '17 at 0:02

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