I'm using VsVim in Visual Studio 2013. Occasionally, when trying to save a file after entering text in "insert" mode, I use<ESC>:w<ENTER>, which usually works, but sometimes I fat-finger it and somehow end up closing the file's tab without saving.

Googling for close-file shortcuts in Visual Studio, it looks like these sorts of shortcuts generally use <Ctl> plus a function key. But I'm pretty sure I'm not accidentally hitting <Ctl>, and I'm certain I'm not accidentally hitting a function key.

What's going on? Can this behavior be disabled?


I finally stumbled on an answer as I was writing the question, so I figured I'd finish up the question and share the answer as well to help anyone having this same problem.

This is apparently due to the <shift><esc> shortcut. Thanks to this page (linked to in the answer that led me to <shift><esc>), the shortcut is called "Close Tool Window." This is incredibly annoying, because without this shortcut there would be no problem with hitting <shift> a little early in order to prepare for the :.

To disable the shortcut, go to the Tools > Options menu, select Keyboard under Environment from the navigation panel, search for Window.CloseTool (do not hit <ENTER>), and simply click Remove.

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