In my setup, I've got 4x 3tb HDDs, and a brand new 10tb HDD which I'm attempting to offload one of the 3tb ones onto.

Current setup:

  • /dev/sda - /dev/sdd: 3tb drives (with /dev/sd*1 as their partitions)
  • /dev/sde: OS ssd
  • /dev/sdf: whole-disk 10tb physical volume, which was just allocated
  • storage: the name for both the volume group and the logical volume

I added the 10tb to the volume group with the following commands:

pvcreate /dev/sdf
vgextend storage /dev/sd6
lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/storage/storage

However I realized quite quickly that after allocating the free space from the 10tb to the volume group, that I could not do a pvmove from /dev/sdd1 (3tb) to /dev/sdf (10tb):

rogue@devlynx:~$ sudo pvmove /dev/sdd1 /dev/sdf
  No free extents on physical volume "/dev/sdf".
  No specified PVs have space available

So my question is mostly about next steps from here; I want to move the <=3tb of content from sdd1 to sdf, and then remove sdd1 and /dev/sdd for use in another machine. I know pvmove is slow and have accomodated for that, but I'm also open to potentially faster methods.

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