Are there any good, simple and free HTML editors for Windows out there?

Something that a user with no experience can build a simple page with.

I'm looking for something like the old FrontPage application.

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Try html-kit.
Or Komodo Edit.

  • html-kit could be a good choice...Let's wait and see if something simpler comes along in another answer.
    – jvanderh
    Jul 23, 2009 at 21:06

Notepad++ is good. Visual Web Developer Express is free as well, if not a bit more heavy weight for just HTML.

  • 2
    Notepad++ might be hard to use with no experience.
    – KovBal
    Aug 28, 2009 at 9:58

Nvu and/or KompoZer. I thought Nvu was dead, but perhaps not. KompoZer supposedly picked up where Nvu left off. I've used them both and I'd say they certainly qualify as "simple and free".


Mozilla SeaMonkey has a basic HTML editing capability that's actually not too bad for a beginner doing some simple editing.


Do they already have the publishing and hosting side of things taken care of? Dealing with those can be quite daunting for the less technically-inclined. If not, and/or you want something really easy for them, go with a solution like Wordpress.com, Google Sites, or even SquareSpace. All of these are capable of building decent sites.

  • 1
    It is for creating small files locally.
    – jvanderh
    Jul 23, 2009 at 21:02

I used to use the Cuffeecup HTML editor a lot. I often recommend it to our customers when they are looking for an editor.

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