My laptop computer is plugged in but not charging. The power supply will maintain the charge level (%), but not add to it. Removing and reinserting the battery allows the power supply to add to the % charge to 100%.

Steps performed:

  • Turning the computer off and restarting it returns the computer to the Plugged in, Not Charging state.
  • Removing the battery again allows one complete charge, after which the laptop would no longer charge again.
  • I have used more than one power supply with the same condition.

To resolve the issue, I remove the battery, obtain a complete charge, and maintain this charge by always keeping the power supply plugged in.

What is the root of the problem?


Your computer may have an intelligent charging system. Some batteries are actually damaged (they life shortened) if they are never allowed to discharge, at least a little. So the circuitry doesn't just always charge to 100% and keep it there, it will let it discharge a bit then after a certain level will charge it again. I have an MSI laptop which I leave plugged in all the time that does this, but it seems it never lets the actual level drop below 90% before it starts charging again.

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