We are trying to setup a small network setup. However, I do not have any wired connection in the room where lab is being setup. Right now I have a desktop which is connected through a WiFi adapter. What are the options I can use to setup my lab?

In my lab there is another desktop (ESXi host) couple of Cisco switches and Routers. I think what I am looking for is a wireless switch so I can connect my WiFi adapter to it and other devices to make it work as network.


Certainly a good possibility would be to procure a Cisco 880 series wireless switch. As you already have a couple of Cisco devices, you'd know that Cisco do a very wide range of reliable networking gear. At home I am using a Cisco 887W-GN-A-K9 (Yes, I know it's a small business device, but I am a Cisco afficionado ...)

If you don't need Internet connection for your lab, then an 881W should work nicely as it is a Wireless 4-port 10-/100-Mbps managed switch (if you do want connectivity via WAN, then I can recommend 887W)

Either should be available from eBay or similar for a very good price - I picked my 887W up for example for 50,00 €. If needed, I can also point you at a good source of good, solid, clean IOS images for the 880 series

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    Thank you so much for your response. I think I was looking for option to bring internet into my room as there were no network port etc. That is resolved today by buying a set of Powerline adapter. Now can you please tel me if I can use that internet connection to Cisco1941 router and then to Cisco 2900 series to make it work as network or I need to have a small unmanaged. Thanks. – user694243 Feb 7 '17 at 4:25
  • Glad I was able to assist :-) even if only a little ... now - the 1941 has two 10/100/1000 Mbps ports and two High Speed WAN card slots ... so if I understand correctly, internet will come into your premises and into a router in another location. That router will feed into a powerline adapter and then you'll pick up the signal from the other end of the powerline adapter in your lab. – Darío Martín Feb 7 '17 at 4:35
  • I have used powerline adapters briefly, and from what I recall, the primary device must be plugged into Port 1 of the powerline router at the "receiving" end - so yes, you should be able to plug one of the 10/100/1000 ports of your 1941 into Port 1 (assuming it's a multi-port) of your powerline .... and then from your 1941 to your 2900 from the other 10/100/1000 ... love to hear how it goes – Darío Martín Feb 7 '17 at 4:38

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