I'm using KeePass2 with Google Drive Sync for quite some time now on Windows and Android without anny issues.

Now I installed KeePass on Ubuntu 16.04 (tried Keepass 2.32 and 2.35 from PPA, no difference) and GoogleSyncPlugin 2.?? and newest 3.0.1.

With 2.?? version of the Plugin, I encountered an Error with logger. With 3.0.1 I now get a different porblem "The plugin cannot be loaded. A newer .NET Framework is required".

I'm sure, the problem is with Mono in both cases, but I have no idea how to solve it.


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Here is a discussion of KeePass with plugins on Ubuntu and either browser integration in general and that is more current: "KeePass and Ubuntu 20.04 Setup (with Chrome, Firefox)?" https://askubuntu.com/questions/1228389/keepass-and-ubuntu-20-04-setup-with-chrome-firefox

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