I have a bat file, which I want to run from task scheduler


@echo off
echo Starting PHP FastCGI...
RunHiddenConsole.exe c:/server/php/php-cgi.exe -b  -c C:/server/php/php.ini
echo Starting nginx...

It works properly when I start manually.

I added a task to the scheduler, but the server is not started. When I click on the scheduler to run task, it opens a cmd window for less then a second. It contains some kind of error message, but I cannot read it so fast and the characters are too small, so couldn't make a readable photo of it.

How to fix it?


I filled out the properties/actions tab/edit/start in input field with the C:\server\nginx. Now it starts properly. At least manually, but not automatical. I don't know what is the problem with it, but there is a much better solution if you want to run a bash file right after login. I put the shortcut of the file into the startup folder and it works properly now.

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