Is it possible to list all nicknames used or has been logged in with, for a specific IP address on IRC?

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    That would depend on your access and the IRCD that is being used. Historic information is rarely available, current logins would possibly depend on additional service and/or operator access on public IRC networks. You could visit the help channel of whatever network you're using and ask there, they should be able to assist - assuming they support it. – Seth Feb 7 '17 at 14:05


Well, it kiiinda depends on the network; and whether you're asking as a network user or as staff member. But the answer in most cases is still no: most IRC servers are not configured to keep that sort of logs at all, and neither does the services software.

If the IRC server is configured to keep detailed logs of everything, you still wouldn't be able to access it over IRC – you'd have to access the files directly on the server.

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