I can never remember what Sublime Text calls its caret/cursor/line insertion above/below command in the key bindings.

On some platforms it is Ctrl + Alt + Up (or Down) and a caret (for typing) appears on the line above (with Up) or below (with Down), but sometimes this fails... and I spend way too long searching for what they call their feature's command.

This is what their docs refer to it as: https://www.sublimetext.com/docs/2/multiple_selection_with_the_keyboard.html


They call it "select_lines", here's a snippet that will enable this feature for ALT + Shift + Up/Down

    { "keys": ["alt+shift+down"], "command": "select_lines", "args": {"forward": true} },
    { "keys": ["alt+shift+up"], "command": "select_lines", "args": {"forward": false} }

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